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Introducing the APEX PRO Series chairs by NAVO, meticulously engineered to offer a new dimension in personalized support and unmatched performance.

With advanced designs backed by ergonomics in both the APEX PRO and APEX PRO MAX variants, these chairs carry the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. Every component is precisely designed and crafted using innovative engineering technologies, mirroring the advancements in gaming hardware and software.

The use of our unique, high-quality, and durable materials makes the APEX PRO series more resistant than ever before, guaranteeing longevity and maintaining premium feel even after extensive usage. They are the perfect companions for tireless gaming sessions or for when you are meeting tough work deadlines.

The APEX PRO series aims for excellence, designed with professional-grade materials that bolster your performance by providing the ultimate comfort. Memory foam magnetic headrests, 4D adjustable with swappable armrests, and integrated lumbar supports adapt to your body’s needs, offering a truly tailored seating experience. Enjoy the combination of unparalleled dependability, individualized comfort, and high performance — Discover the APEX PRO series. APEX PRO Series  is perfect for both gaming and desk use and it comes with a max load capacity of 130Kgs for PRO – Medium and 180Kgs for PRO MAX – XL Size Gaming Chair.



  • Premium Bespoke Materials : 10x more durable 
  • Pro-Grade Features : Swappable Metal 4D Armrests, 4-Way Integrated Lumbar Support System, Class 4 Hydraulics with a 5 Star Wheelbase and Hyperloop Hollow Casters, Multi Tilt Mechanism with a 155° recline
  • Dynamic 4-Way Lumbar Support : The chair comes with a 4 directional movement – In, Out, Up & Down to Support Your Lower Back’s Natural Curvature
  • Snap-On Magnetic Memory Foam Neck Cushion and a Back Cushion for personalized comfort


  • Ideal for Individuals with broad body frames who often find regular chairs too constraining
  • Gamers
  • Long Seating Sessions

AED 1,490.00



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Product Details

  • Gaming & Computer Chair backed by Ergonomics : The APEX Pro is meticulously designed to maintain good posture and reduce physical stress. With its tailored ergonomic structure, this chair supports long gaming or computer sessions, ensuring you remain comfortable and focused.
  • Memory Foam Pillows & Magnetic Headrest: The APEX Pro comes equipped with memory foam pillows that make it incredibly comfortable. These pillows offer a personalized fit by contouring to the user’s body shape, providing excellent support and keeping neck and shoulder pain at bay. Additionally, the magnetic headrest gives added relaxation for the head, enhancing your comfort as you play or work.
  • Built-in Adjustable 4-Way Lumbar Support & 4D Armrests: The chair features a built-in 4-Way Lumbar support which has a 4 directional movement to uphold your spine’s natural curve, vital for those prolonged sessions of use. This not only reduces the risk of back pain but also helps in maintaining a good posture. Furthermore, the 4D armrests are adjustable in four directions (up & down, left & right, front & back, and swivel), allowing you to customize their positioning as per your need, which ultimately leads to reduced arm and wrist strain.
  • Weight Capacity: 135 Kgs: With a generous weight capacity of 130 kgs, the APEX Chair caters to a wide variety of users. Its robust design and sturdy materials ensure it can comfortably and reliably accommodate users of different sizes, providing a durable solution for heavy-duty usage.
  • Backrest Recline: 90-155°: This gaming/office desk chair features a backrest with a recline feature that goes from 90 to 155 degrees, allowing you to find your perfect angle for relaxation or intense gaming sessions. This range of movement affords you the freedom to shift and lean back when you need a break, fostering more immersive and comfortable gaming or working experiences.
  • Enhanced Ergonomics: Considering the extra space, the chair’s ergonomics have been carefully considered to deliver unmatched comfort across all body shapes and sizes. Every inch of the chair provides necessary support, ensuring perfect body alignment.
  • Heavy-Duty Capacity: The APEX PRO MAX can comfortably support up to 180 kgs.
  • Designed for : This XL gaming chair is ideal for individuals who often find regular chairs too constraining. Individuals with broad body frames would find the APEX PRO MAX extremely comfortable and durable. It is also an excellent choice for professionals seeking a chair with room for movement during prolonged hours of work and gaming.

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The NAVO collection includes a wide range of ergonomic solutions such as ergonomic chairs, standing desks, monitor arms, desk accessories, home office essentials, gaming accessories, office storage solutions, workspace lighting and gaming mouse pads.

Yes, that’s correct! NAVO is a rebranded version of Navodesk. We’ve evolved from simply being a brand that sells standing desks to adopting a broader approach of offering ergonomic furniture and encouraging people to embrace an ergonomic lifestyle. Our transformation allows us to provide a wider range of products and solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers, promoting a healthier and more comfortable way of living and working.

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