Desk Mood Lamp, Gesture & Touch Control Table Lamp

The Desk Mood Lamp By Daamudi. A Nordic style desk lamp suitable for any modern setup whether on the desk or on the bedside table. The Lamp is crafted with beach wood & acrylic and it comes with 3 light modes, Warm, Neutral & Cool white.

  • Modern & Minimalist Design
  • 3 Light Modes – Warm, Neutral & Cool white.
  • Battery – 4000mAh
  • Materials Used – Beech Wood & Acrylic
  • Gesture & Touch Control
  • Power – Micro USB
  • Desk Work: With its three light modes, it can assist in reducing eye strain during long hours of work or study. The cool white light is ideal for tasks that require high concentration and attention to detail.
  • Reading: Again, the adjust ability of light temperature is beneficial. Depending on the time of the day or the individual’s preference, either a warm, neutral, or cool white light can be chosen for a comfortable reading experience.
  • Decor: Thanks to its modern and minimalist design, it can serve as a stylish accessory, enhancing the overall aesthetic of a room or workspace.





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Product Details

The Desk Mood Lamp By Daamudi. A Nordic style desk lamp suitable for any modern setup whether on the desk or on the bedside table. The Lamp is crafted with beach wood & acrylic and it comes with 3 light modes, Warm, Neutral & Cool white.

  • Modern & Minimalist Design:The Desk Ambient Lamp is distinguished by a clean, unfussy, contemporary aesthetic. Its design adheres to the principles of minimalism, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any modern decor. It focuses on functionality and simplicity, avoiding overly ornate or intricately complex designs. So, it can effortlessly blend into your environment, adding a touch of modern aesthetic without excess clutter.
  • 3 Light Modes – Warm, Neutral & Cool white:The lamp provides three distinctive light settings. “Warm” light gives a cozy, comforting ambience often fitting for relaxation or evenings. The “Neutral” light resembles natural daylight and can be used for general tasks. The “Cool White” mode is bright and stimulating, typically ideal for focused tasks like reading or working. The different modes allow you to customize the lighting based on your mood, the time of day, or the task at hand.
  • Battery – 4000mAh:The built-in 4000mAh battery implies a substantial duration of use. You can use it cordlessly after charging, which provides freedom to utilize the lamp whenever and wherever required. This capacity is usually enough for several hours of operation, but exact use time may vary based on the brightness level.
  • Materials Used – Beech Wood & Acrylic:The lamp is constructed of Beech Wood and Acrylic. Beech Wood gives the lamp sturdiness and a stylish, natural look. Acrylic diffuses the light from the lamp, softening it and preventing harsh glares. These materials have been chosen not only for their aesthetics and function but also for being eco-friendly options.
  • Gesture & Touch Control:This feature allows you to control the lamp’s operation via touch, both for power and light mode shifting. You can, for instance, easily switch it on/off with a simple tap. Meanwhile, gesture control features contribute to the modern, tech-savvy appeal of the lamp. They add to the convenience, as you can use predefined gestures to operate the lamp without really touching it.
  • Power – Micro USB:The lamp is powered through a Micro USB connection, a widely available and universal charging connection. This means you can easily charge it using a universal phone charger, power bank, or even a computer USB port. It adds to the convenience and portability of the lamp, as you’re unlikely to need an exclusive charger or power source.



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